Building Communities for Everyone

The DDRC is a non-profit, registered, charitable organization that began in 1952. We offer programs and resources for children and adults with disabilities, their friends and family, and other people in the community. We believe that communities are stronger when people of all abilities are involved in activities that are meaningful to them. The DDRC is funded by the government and donations. The Developmental Disabilities Resource Foundation (DDRF) is an official fundraising partner of the DDRC.

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We're under construction! Please note that although the stairs leading up the to Richardson Way entrance are under repair, the building can still be accessed via the walkway from the parking lot.
We're hosting a free workshop on Saturday, September 13 for guardians and support providers on relationships and intimacy! Find out more here. Registration ends September 9!
We're Having a Job Fair on Saturday, September 13!
Get Your FREE Tickets to the 19th Annual Inclusion Awards!

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